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The Great Faith Church Podcast is a free ministry resource made available to equip, enrich and empower your life.


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Welcome to Great Faith Church

Great Faith Christian Center Church is designed to minister to the spiritual needs of the total person.  Our focus is personal and family life, relationship management and spiritual development.  At GFC3 you will grow by the regimented teaching of the Word that will empower, equip and enrich your life.

GFC3 is a New Church with A New Vision for  A New Way of Living.  We are a spirit-filled body of believers who believe, live, and teach the Bible.  Partnership with a church is an important decision, but we believe that you will continue to be led by the Spirit of God to make the right choices in life as you prayerfully consider becoming a part of our fellowship.  With your decision to partner with this ministry we make a commitment to teach you the Word and give you biblical motivation to become all that God purposed for you.

For additional questions email us at We encourage you to, “Live every moment in expectation of God doing something unexpectedly Great in your life”.
Blessed to be a Blessing!

Our Pastors

Patrick Ligon

Patrick Ligon

Senior Pastor

Our Pastor is a man who is diligently in pursuit of the heart of God, dedicated to living and teaching faith principles from the Word of God and driven to see the promises of God manifested in His people.

Angela Ligon

Angela Ligon

Executive Pastor

Has a passion for young women to impart wisdom and understanding in the area of relationships that has allowed her to experience a rich and rewarding marriage of 23 years and successful loving children.

Our Mission


I. Connect with people

GFC3 provides solutions to problems and strategies to overcome trouble that will encourage & empower people where they are and equip & enrich them for where they are going through covenant opportunities. 

II. Create hunger for god

GFC3 creates a desire to experience the supernatural and excellence in life as we teach the principles of faith, favor, freedom. 

III. Utilize cutting edge technology

GFC3 is always looking to quickly maximize technology for ministry impact: locally, regionally, nationally, & globally. 

IV. Establish culture of consecration

GFC3 is a light to our local & global community modeling and instilling a culture of righteous and godly behavior.



"WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! There is a great atmosphere of love and unity. Everyone there seems to really care about each other and it doesn't matter where you came from or what you have been taught in the past. I am able to understand what Pastor Patrick is talking about. He breaks down the word so simple and it easy to comprehend."

− Anonymous

"New Church...New Way of Living. I am so grateful that I found a church like Great Faith Center Church. Coming from a strict, religious background, it was nice to find a place that not only taught the Word but also showed you how to live by it! It is so wonderful to see young people on fire for God! And Pastor Patrick and Lady Angela Ligon have been phenomenal spiritual parents to all of us. I hope you take the time to come and have true God Encounter with us soon :-)"

− Anonymous

"What an amazing experience. This church made learning more about God and what He has for me fun! After not going to church for years, I visited this church with it's loving atmosphere, superior worship experience, and a sincere Man and Woman of God who operate with integrity but are still modern and cool. This really aint your grandma church. But if you bring her with you it WILL be. VISIT! You're worth it!"

− Anonymous

"BEST CHURCH I'VE EVER BEEN TO!!! I'm 25 years old and I started going to Great Faith since November 2007. I have never looked back! Since I’ve been here Pastor Patrick Ligon and Lady Angela have taught me soooooo many principles in the Bible. They taught me: how to pray correctly and get definite answers, how to communicate effectively with my Wife...I RECOMMEND THIS CHURCH TO EVERYONE I KNOW!!! THIS CHURCH IS THE FUTURE!!! IF YOU COME ONE TIME…YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!!!"

− Anonymous